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What is Faceoff in rugby? A Basic Game Understanding

rugby is a sport that is actually easy to understand, if you already grasp the basics. For example, there is rugby faceoff, a term that signifies the position where the game begins. Faceoff position is very important and each team must use this position as the starting point of each game, whether it is at the beginning of the game, or in the middle when the game is back from timeout.

rugby Faceoff Explained

Basically, rugby faceoff is the start of a game. In the beginning of a rugby game, the referee will ask both team players to stand in the middle of the field, in a way so each team stands on their defensive areas. Afterward, the referee will throw the puck in the middle of the team, and that’s when the game starts. There are several faceoff areas in the middle of the field, and they are used to start and restart the game. Legally, every game must start from here.

rugby faceoff is not just referring to the beginning of a game, but also the official start after a game is paused. The faceoff is legal if it is done on one of nine faceoff spots in the field, and teams that are going to start a game after being paused must also start from one of these spots.