Samoa Rugby Union

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Samoa Rugby Union- High Performance Physiotherapist JOB Description


The role of the Sports Physiotherapist is to provide physiotherapy services to players in the Samoa Rugby Union (SRU) High Performance License Training Centre program as well as selected SRU national team players.
The aim being to maintain a high standard of player injury management and contribute to the ongoing development of the SRU Sports Medicine Commission.


2.1.    This position reports directly to the High Performance manager and works closely with the HPU LTC Head Coach, the Manu Samoa Head Coach, National Team Coaches and the Medical personnel.
2.2.    To provide quality physiotherapy services to Elite Players within the High performance system.
2.3.    Develop and implement programs for the prevention of injury.
2.4.    Undertake all player medical screening in collaboration with the SRU appointed doctors and sports science team.
2.5.    Undertake Pre-tour medical screening of local teams prior to team selection/departure.
2.6.    Obtain relevant medical details from team members for physiotherapy/sport science data base.
2.7.    Instill Injury Prevention programs and advice for players within the system and communicate these to the coaching staff.
2.8.    Set out Jet lag minimization protocols and informing players on the techniques to improve meridian/time zone travel.
2.9.    Protect players from injury risks through identifying areas of risk/overuse and encouraging effective preventive techniques.
2.10.    Procure medical stock for appropriate treatment (medical kit including first aid, tapes, thermoplastics, electrotherapeutic devices, NSAID gels, heat and ice packs, massage aids, plinths etc.) for the medical clinic at the LTC.
2.11.    Effectively assess and treat injuries in conjunction with other members of the medical team, aiming to return the player to Rugby safely and as quickly as possible.
2.12.    Employ recovery strategies such as aquatic therapy, stretch sessions, massage and hydration refueling requirements, working with the Sports Science team (trainers).
2.13.    Manage First Aid provisions supplies and the management of minor medical problems with doctors and any First Aid staff, appointed b y SRU/HPU.
2.14.    Gain access to medical personnel when major medical treatment is required.
2.15.    Advise coaching staff and sport science staff as to the time required for injured players to return to training and competition
2.16.    Compile Player Injury reports to be submitted to High Performance Manager.
2.17.    Assist with the dissemination of information for follow up treatment and medical management once the player returns national or regional team duties.


3.1.    The Team Physiotherapist will be appointed by the High Performance Selected Committee on behalf of the SRU Board in accordance with the final selection criteria.
3.2.    Qualifications:
(a)    Physiotherapy degree
(b)    Post-graduate diploma/masters or similar.  

3.3.    Experience:

(a)    Ideally 2-4 years general work followed by 5 years in the field of sports physiotherapy in elite sport environments.

3.4.    Specific/Technical Skills and Knowledge:
(a)    Relevant training courses are essential in the physiotherapeutic management of sports injury, spinal and peripheral manipulative therapy, postural and movement dysfunction and exercise therapy, all to a current level.

3.5.    Personal Attributes:
(a)    Good communication skills, conveying to the player the structure and reasoning behind the recuperative program set.
(b)    Good presentation and communication skills in the performance of teaching requirements and IT computer skills for monthly reporting and data correlation.
(c)    Ability to work within a team in a frequently changing and challenging work environment whilst maintaining a positive outlook to the team.
(d)    Organisational skills in managing caseload(s). 
(e)    Very high levels of interpersonal skills are required in counselling players/coaches in terms of realistic treatment outcomes, time frames and compliance.  This is often required in very stressful surroundings (international/national competition with considerable pressures from the sporting organization, coaches, parents/spouses and the press).

3.6.    Special Requirements

(a)    Thorough knowledge of the athletic and technical aspects of the sport, to assist in treatment and interpretation of movement deficiencies and deviations indicated by the coaching staff.
(b)    Knowledge of the rules and regulations of the sport, etc.
(c)    Knowledge of the psychological and physical demands of training and competition.
(d)    Continuing professional development with the High Performance measures.
(e)    Ability to create a positive, professional image for the sport both in Samoa and overseas.
(f)    Ability to travel within Samoa and overseas as required by the organisation.
(g)    Possession of a driver’s licence is a requirement of this position.
(h)    Work outside normal business hours is a frequent requirement of this position.