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Basic Hockey Rules: Players and Field Zones

Hockey may not be really popular in many countries, but the NHL events have attracted millions of fans every year. Understanding hockey rules will make you able to appreciate this great game, especially since hockey has such aggressive style playing, yet with rules that are easy to understand. Therefore, this is one of the most favorite sports to wage on at Sbobet Casino.

What is Faceoff in Hockey? A Basic Game Understanding

Hockey is a sport that is actually easy to understand, if you already grasp the basics. For example, there is hockey faceoff, a term that signifies the position where the game begins. Faceoff position is very important and each team must use this position as the starting point of each game, whether it is at the beginning of the game, or in the middle when the game is back from timeout.

Hockey Rules to Understand

Basically, hockey is a 6-player team game, with one team consists of one goalie plus five skaters. The five skaters consist of two defensemen and three forwards (like ‘strikers’). The goal of the game is to create more goals than the opponent team by hitting the hockey puck into their net. The unique aspect of playing hockey is: if the puck is accidentally hit by a player’s body, and then sliding into the net, hockey rules still call that as a legal goal.

Hockey Faceoff Explained

Basically, hockey faceoff is the start of a game. In the beginning of a hockey game, the referee will ask both team players to stand in the middle of the field, in a way so each team stands on their defensive areas. Afterward, the referee will throw the puck in the middle of the team, and that’s when the game starts. There are several faceoff areas in the middle of the field, and they are used to start and restart the game. Legally, every game must start from here.